German Training Course


You are warmly invited to come to our German training course for international students!

When: Every monday at 19:00 – ca. 20:30 p.m (modifications are possible on public holidays or during the Semester break!)

Where: ZEU/147 (TU Dresden)

Who, how, what and why: We are a mixed group of Chinese and Germans, some are part of the SMD Dresden. We want to support international students in learning German. Since we are all christians, we also want to give the international students the possibility to learn more about the Christian faith. For this reason the training course is set up as follows

– reading texts from the bible together

– explaining difficult vocabulary

– practicing the correct pronunciation

– Training verbal communication and

– explaining contained grammar rules.

Furthermore we will be planning activities together every now and then (excursions, movie nights,…). More detailed information can be found early enough in advance in the Facebook group „Deutsch-Trainingskurs Dresden“.

Everyone who wants to improve his German, is WELCOME! The course is for FREE!

We aren’t professionaly trained German teachers, but we try our best, to organize the course  in a way, that allows the international students to benefit from it as much as possible.

If there are any questions, feel free to get in touch with us via E-Mail: