Saint Nicholas at door:

Who is this Saint Nicholas guy anyway?

Nicholaus of Myra (called Demre nowadays) lived during the 3rd to 4th century in what is now Turkey. According to accounts from these times he used – before being later made bishop of Myra – parts of his inheritance for the benefit of the 3 daughters of an impoverished man. He threw the money through the window one night whereby he enabled them to be married saving them from prostitution.

Why Saint Nicholas Day?

Saint Nick’s Day is a great opportunity to not just rejoice in the gifts one recieves, but to – as Saint Nicholas did centuries ago – remember all those around us, to help them and to give something good. We hope we brought at least a tiny bit of joy 😉.

Why gifts?

Good old Saint Nick had presents to help others out of their desperate miseries. Yet gifts remain ever-present noadays too: on birthdays, as a gift when invited and especially on Christmas (we hope you already have all of them or at least thought of good Christmas presents for your loved ones 😉). But why all these presents on Christmas?

  1. Giving presents means to appreciate others, be they friends, family or just people who do a fabulous job. Maybe it’s not so much about the present itself but rather about all that’s behind it: love and …
  2. The actual reason for gifts on Christmas another one all together: Both the gifts and the feast can serve as pleasent reminder for the greatest present we ever recieved: God chooses to become human and share our fears and hardships giving us hopeful assurance and joy

We wish you a marvellous season of Advent and Christmas. Stay healthy and protected!

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