For Internationals

Welcome to Hochschul-SMD Freiberg

You’re an international student in TU Freiberg? As a Christian student group we are not only organising meetings for prayer and bible reading, but also an open meeting for international students called „timeout“. timeout is all about having a get-together for everyone of every nation and religion. It is a place of friendship, dialogues (some even quite profound) and intercultural communication.

We meet every second week on Sunday at 3pm and we usually have our meetings at the Tee-Ei (Untermarkt 5). But it’s best to contact us in advance to make sure you would not miss us 😉

So drop by and get your Sunday afternoon recharge with a timeout at timeout! 😊

Upcoming timeout meetings …
… just feel free to reach out to us and we will let you know 😉

timeout & …

… arriving in Freiberg

If you’ve just arrived in Freiberg and are just settling in or have been here quite a while but still got questions, then maybe have a look at this list we got prepared for you with lots of interesting and also important information on Freiberg. Apart from that, feel free to reach out to us (

… exploring the bible

For everyone who likes to really have a look at what we believe and who motivates us to work on timeout or simply wants to know more about this Jesus fellow we’re talking about, feel free to join us for our weekly meeting where we explore the bible. With this meeting we want to provide you with a place where you are allowed to ask every question regarding the bible. It is a place of free conversation and discussion. So reach out to us and drop by to explore this sometimes foreign but always great news together with us.

… bible study groups

Life on German campuses can be hard especially if you are an international student far from home without fellow Christians in sight. While meeting at timeout among other things does connect you with Christian students here at TU Freiberg, with the bible study group we want to go deeper. At this meeting we will have a long and good look at passages from the bible, have discussion and fellowship thinking about how scripture applies to our life.