just arrived

Just arrived in Freiberg?

You’ve just arrived in Freiberg and are already excited about your first semester at the oldest existing mining university in the world? Then we have put together a few things to help you get off to a good start!

A good start to your studies requires not only links and information, but also personal contacts. So just come to one of our meetings (during the Erstiwochen, the Erstibörse on the 14th  of October and afterwards) or get in touch with us personally.

Even if some of the following links and information are already known to you, we hope to be able to give you a good overview of many important and essential things for studying. Since the abundance of IT services can easily overwhelm you at the beginning, you will find links and information in the category „IT Services for Advanced Students“ that many only find out about in the course of their studies. Most of them are not essential at the beginning of your studies, but can come in very handy nonetheless.

Since beginning sudies abroad is never easy and comes with questions, doubts and potential difficulties feel free to contact us. We’d love to help you out!

Important for international arrivals

things to do after arrivalHow to get residency permits, confirm your residency in Freiberg, setting up health insurance and your bank account and more
start of winter semester 22/23here you can find important info for starting your studies at TU Freiberg

Important when starting your studies in Freiberg

Horde web serveryour mail account at university (best to check in daily)
OPALhere you get all info on lectures, exercises and courses in general
Self-Service portalregistering and deregistering for exams, study reports (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung), grades, and changing your registered address
course cataloguecontains location and time of all lectures, excercises, seminars and uni internships; allows creation of your time table (attention!: only in German)
uni guidean extensive overview of all university buildings, lecture halls and seminar rooms
cafeteria menuoverview of the current week
libraryleads to directly your login (looking for books, borrowing books, extend borrowing )
Microsoft Office Licenceregistration, download and access for free (attention!: log in at least once every semester)
radio tax licence feein German called „Rundfunkbeitrag“ that has to be paid by every household.

nice places in Freiberg

Alte Elisabeththe decommissioned mine „Alte Elli“ on its hill offers a great view of Freiberg
Reiche Zechethe university’s research mine (open for visitors too)
Stadtwalda beautiful place for afternoon strolls, jogging or going for a swim (Waldbad/Großteich)

advanced IT-services

generalan overview on all the IT-services the univeristy offers
file transferuseful for transfering big files of up to 2 GB
VPNallows access to the uni network from wherever you are
module databasecontains info regarding every module at university (needs active uni-vpn)
uni info e-maillets you add a message to all users of the mail server through the daily e-mail (click UNIINFO-L schreiben); needs uni vpn
Ownsky cloudyour cloud at university (lets you add a drive with 1TB too)
network drivesallows you to access your own drive as well as a drive with lots of useful software