Sometimes life on campus can be a bit hard, especially if you are far from home in a foreign country trying to figure out how everything works. Life gets even harder when you’re a christian struggling to find other Christians on campus. If you are an international student who is struggling with one or both of these, or just stressed out by daily student life, or simply interested in connecting with international and German students, we as part of the IFES want to give you a break from your daily struggles. A TIMEOUT so to say.

With TIMEOUT we want to give you the opportunity to relax from your daily struggles as an international student. As well as creating both, a platform acting as a hub for Christian students from where to form smaller bible study groups and a way to reach out to our big local international student community. Since our Sunday meetings  are far to short to have in-depth conversations about the issues we talk about, we want to encourage Christian international students to form smaller bible study groups. So drop by every Sunday afternoon 5pm, have some tea or coffee, meet friendly faces, connect with fellow Christians and engage in friendly discussions on various topics.


Isolation! :
With the current Covid-19 crisis going on we decided to go digital and cancel all physical TIMEOUT meetings for the semester

Having sort of reestablished ourselves in the realm of online conferences we meet on a weekly basis in our jitsi room (teeei is the password 😉 ). So join us Sundays at 5pm with a cup of your afternoon tea (or coffee) get comfy and enjoy our new series cross country.
Cross country is all about all respective home countries and and criss crossing the globe through listening to presentations on our home countries.

Apart from that you naturally can reach us via whatsapp or Skype whenever and with whatever you want. You can either write a SMS to the following number: 015222113743,
or write us an e-mail at

In case you are looking for our hygiene concept in regards to our outdoors meetings.


Further material and info:

If God, why Corona by Vince Vitale(youtube video)
Love in a time of Crisis by Ravi Zacharias(youtube video)