hygiene concept

Hygiene concept of the SMD Freiberg according to the Corona-regulation of the Free State of Saxony

version as of June 24th 2020:

We, the SMD Freiberg, take risks and hazards connected with Covid-19 and the responsibility we therefore carry very serious. We agree to adhere in all conscience to the current regulations, orders and hygiene advices by state, city and university administration. This hygiene concept is in effect for all entire group (as in we are not split up into different locations) gatherings conducted post June 24th 2020.

1. Type of possible events

The SMD Freiberg organises in accordance to §6(2) of the Sächsische Corona-Schutz-Verordnung (Saxon Corona-protection-order) of May 12th 2020 cultural events (item 3). This includes according to a statement by the saxon corona-hotline of May 14th 2020 walks and hiking trips in a group environment. Hiking events or walks consist of a leader (organiser) and attendees, who during the time of the event traverse the outside (and do NOT gather inside) in open spaces (nature in general or forest in particular) whilst following a route predetermined by the organiser.

2. Rules during the events

In accordance with the current Saxon Corona-protection-order, the following hygiene concept is in effect for all participants of events organised by the SMD Freiberg as of June 24th 2020. Every participant declares to have read thoroughly AND understood the hygiene concept in its entirety prior to the event and to follow its guidelines. In case of non-compliance an exclusion from the event can be considered.

In case of general nausea or suspected contact to verified corona case we kindly ask you to not attend. General rules of hygienic conduct are to be maintained. This includes among other things: frequent and thorough hand washing, sneezing into one’s elbow, etc.

wearing face masks: we recommend to wear face masks during our outdoor activities.

distancing: At every moment a distance of at least 1.5m is to be maintained. Physical contact including shaking hands and hugs are to be refrained from. Persons who live together, are mutually excluded from this regulation.

recording of attendee data: Until further notice we will record contact data for all attendees. This is done in order to be able to provide local health and administrative authorities with the necessary data if needed. These data will be stored for to this end alone and will not be shared with any third party apart from aforementioned authorities.

To provide proper means of planing ahead we’d love you to announce your participation prior to the event. This can be done through a SMD staff member you are acquainted with or quite easily through a quick e-mail.