For Internationals

Hey! If you’re an international student in Magdeburg looking for new friends, excting events and great community then the international SMD group is the place to go!

A space for fellowship, friendship, hospitality and understanding of Christian faith.

What do we do?

Well, we eat together.

… get to know different cultures.

… meet people from different countries and make new friends.

… have discussions about faith, God, and the Bible.

… do fun sports activities and competitions together.


International SMD

Every other week students from different countries come together to get to know each other’s cultures, traditions, and beliefs.

We also explore the German culture and take a closer look at the Christian faith together.

When? – Wednesdays / 7 pm

Where? – The hosts vary every time!

Bible Study Group

Are you a Christian looking for a community?

Every other week there’s a Bible Study Group where students from different countries come together to read the Scripture, have some discussions and help each other grow deeper in faith.

When? – Tuesdays / 7 pm
Where? – Bible Study Group

Group events

Every other week the German and International SMDs come together! City tours, sports competitions, podium discussions, theme parties – it never gets boring here!

When? – Tuesdays / 7 pm

Where? – OVGU campus

For more information: Check our Instagram or email us