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Hello there!¬†On this page, you can find more information about the SMD and what we are doing during the semester. Although most of our meetings or talks are in German, we always offer an English translation for you. If you have any questions, just contact us ūüėČ

About Us

The SMD of Paderborn is a Christian student group at the University of Paderborn. Right now we are around about 30 students (including some non-students) from different courses of studies. Moreover, we have different religious backgrounds, interests, ideas, and favourite dishes.

What unites us, is our faith in Jesus Christ. We believe that God has shown himself through Jesus and that everything that is connected with him is not only good for us but also good for other people. As Christians, we meet at the University of Paderborn to share our faith and our lives together.

Our group belongs to the SMD (Student Mission in Germany), a non-denominational network of Christians at school, at university, and at work. Besides the SMD of Paderborn, there are more than 70 other SMD groups across Germany (hochschulgruppen.smd.org).


Group Photo (2019)

We want to …

  • … challenge Christians to experience their faith as something concrete and vivid.
  • ‚Ķ create a place, where searching people and Non-Christians can inform themselves about Christianity and experience life as a Christian.

To our understanding, one major point of the Christian faith is communication: God communicates with us and other people through the bible. That is also the reason why we exchange our views in questions of faith and want to talk to other students about what we believe in. In this regard, thinking, believing, and experiencing are always connected with each other.

Our goal ist talk in an open manner with everyone who is interested in Christianity. This also means that everyone gets the chance to speak equally. It is important to us that we don’t impose our views upon others or manipulate someone in any way. We are glad about everyone who decides him or herself to become a Chrisitan. Nonetheless, we accept people who have different beliefs. With this is in mind, this also illustrates what we understand by missionary work.

Program for the Winter Term 2021

Hello everyone!

Below you find our dates for the Summer Term. If our events are going to be online or not, will be announced in advance on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram and our Homepage). There you will also find more details about events including links for zoom meetings or details for hygiene standards for our meetings in person.

Dates | Events start at 19:30

12.10 | Church service

19.10 | Bible Study Night

22-24.10 | Time Together

26.10 | SMD & Chill

2.11 | Talk

9.11 |Bible Study Night

16.11 | Sing & Pray

23.11 | SMD & Chill

30.11 | Group Evening

7.12 | Outreach

14.12 | Christmas Party

21.12 | SMD & Chill

04.01 | Group Evening

11.01 | Bible Study Night

18.01 | Talk

25.01 | Just Pray!

01.02 | Final Evening

Home Groups & Morning Prayer

We also meet in home groups (on Tuesday with no Group Evenings) and every 2nd Tuesday we come together for a morning prayer. If you are interested in any events, you can contact us at smd.paderborn@googlemail.com.