International Fellowship Potsdam 🇬🇧

Are you an International Student in Potsdam? Then join our new International Group, where we meet to

… enjoy international food together.

… discuss different questions about life, culture, and God and find out together what the Christian faith and the Bible say about them.

… meet people from other countries and find new friends.

We are students from many countries, and we look forward to welcoming you, no matter what culture, worldview, or religion you come from. This group is a place where everyone can ask critical questions and reflect on their own ideas and the perspective of others on life’s big and small questions.

Here you can find an overview of our next meetings. Usually we meet on Monday in the evening, about every second week.

  • 24th April: Fellowship Meeting (6:30pm)
    • Topic: Hope
  • 4th May: Talk at the university: Does Ethics Need a Foundation in God?
    • Together with the German SMD, we organised a talk about the foundation of ethics!
      The talk will start at 6pm at Campus Griebnitzsee, house 6, room H01.
      We will discuss whether morality is only subjective and if there is an objective morality how it can be justified.
  • 8th May: Fellowship Meeting (6:30pm)
    • Topic: Dealing with negative Emotions
  • 15th May: Bible Study Meeting (6:30pm)
  • 24th May: We meet with the German SMD for a BBQ! (Wednesday(!), 6:30pm)
    • We meet at the volleyball court behind the dormitory in Forststraße 48/50 to play volleyball and enjoy a nice barbecue 🙂 If you want, you can bring some pasta salad or something else you don’t want to be missing on barbecue 😉
  • 29th May: Movie Night (6:30 pm)
  • 12th June: Fellowship Meeting (6:30 pm)
  • 26th June: Movie Night (6:30)

Our Fellowship Meetings are always at Lesecafé in House 14a, Campus Golm. The locations for the Bible Study will be shared at the Fellowship Meetings and in our WhatsApp Group.

If you like, you can also check out the program for the German SMD meetings here. These meetings are mainly in German, but there will also be people who speak English and can translate some parts as well.

We would love to meet you at one of our Meetings and get to know you!