If you are an international student in Potsdam, you are also very welcome at the SMD! The SMD Potsdam is a group of students who would like to enrich the student life in Potsdam through the good news of Jesus Christ. We are a mix of people from different universities, study programs and churches, and we meet to search for answers with God about life’s important questions.

We have our normal (German) meetings on Wednesday evenings, where we listen to talks about relevant topics and discuss, or we pray and worship, or we have an activity together. Take a look at the semester program for more information :) There will always be people willing to speak English with you or translate, but the topic and discussions are in German.

Besides the regular Wednesday evenings there is a meeting specifically for international students: once per month on Thursday evening. We cook & enjoy a warm meal together and simply get to know each other :) We meet at 18:30h in the kitchen on the 6th floor of the Kaiser-Friedrich-Strasse 135 (T1 Wohnheim). We look forward to seeing you there! The dates for the Wintersemester 2018/19 are the 25th of October, 22nd of November, 20th of December, 24th of January and 21st of February. 

You could follow our Facebook page where we will keep you up-to-date. Through Facebook you can also send us a message!