Welcome!! Welcome!! Welcome!! in Ulm!!

We’re happy that you want to know more about us!

The SMD is a christian university group consisting students from every faculty and denominationals. About 50 students are joining our weekly meetings (only in german) on Tuesday at 8pm. 


It unites us to believe in Jesus Christ whose life is described in the bible and who lived 2000 years ago, but we believe that he still lives and acts today. We want to share our faith with everyone who is interested and encourage you to search for Jesus Christ. We want to include God in every part of our life so that we can have a lively relationship with him. This applies for the university, as well. So we meet together every second Tuesday to have community and discuss about certain topic, which you can find here.

In addition we have small groups where we meet not only to read the bible, pray and grow in our relationship to Jesus, but share our life and become friends. Unfortunately they are so far only in german, but we are excited to extend our offer with an international small group. So if you are interested in learning more about the bible and our relationship to Jesus we are more than happy to welcome you.

To have a lively relationship means that we also do sport together, go on excursion or get together at Donau.
When you want to make new german friends, improve your german skills and want to be part of this awesome community send us a message:

If you are interested in joining a service on sunday translated in english you can visit the Ecclesia Church at 11am, the baptist church Friedenskirche in Neu-Ulm at 11:15am or the ICF Ulm at 6pm.